Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A "Positive" Beginning

On March 30th, I came home from work with a strange feeling. Something was "up" but I couldn't quite place my finger on what it was, though I had a guess.
 I went straight to the bathroom with a nervous knot in my stomach, pee'd on a stick and the rest was history!
We were shocked, scared, and excited for a new experience. It was a whole tornado of emotions!

But now, time has quickly advanced and- can you believe it- we are 13 weeks pregnant! We've had a few appointments with the doc and one ultrasound.

Oh, happy day. The Lord is blessing our little family more than we ever needed or hoped for. I hope you can join us in this new journey as the ups and downs of pregnancy display themselves, and we begin preparing to be PARENTS!!!! Advice and encouragement highly accepted, we are so new to this and perhaps a bit unprepared :)

First things first, one of my favorite things I hope to continue until the babe is born: Pregnancy week questions!
p.s. I will post pictures as soon as I can :)

What is the best thing about being pregnant? Oooooh, I don't know...perhaps that we have something so great to look forward too! The anticipation!

The worst thing? Being tired aallll-the-tiiiiime. I could honestly nap all day. I'm such a slacker right now.

Cravings? I wouldn't say they are cravings, and they change a lot...but I adore fruit right now, goldfish crackers, and snow-cones...yummy. A couple weeks ago I was dying for some chicken nuggets...so I went to the golden arches and satiated my hunger along with reminding myself of WHY I don't like fast-food...Gross! Happy to say I haven't wanted them since.

Is there a baby bump? Eh, no not really. The baby is so low right now it will probably we a while until I get a true "bump" that doesn't look like I ate too many goldfish crackers.

Boy or Girl? We both were thinking it's a boy (I was 100% sure for a while), but now...I'm in limbo. We find out July 9th!

What do you miss? My energy and motivation to work out. Seriously, the moment I found out I was pregnant I have ZERO interest in going to the gym- and before that I was doing sooo good and was loving it! What the heck?

Stay tuned for pictures and more updates each week!