Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Greater than 1/2?

Can you believe we are PAST the halfway mark already? We are at 22 weeks, so approximately 18 more to go! We have been so busy with work and random stuff that the days fly by...which is surprising, but I'm really not complaining.

No belly picture this week due to the fact that it is 11:42 p.m. and I look it. As in, it looks like I've been up and around since 7:00 a.m., which I have. Usually things don't get better as the night progresses! I would like to add that my pregnant body changes throughout the day. I like it best in the morning because as the day goes by and on into evening it expands. Belly, legs, fingers, and feet. Swelling already? Ah man. I have to remind myself to DRINK WATER. LOTS of it. Lots and lots.

The nursery is coming along beautifully! My friend, Linzi, came over and helped me set up my new sewing machine and taught me how to make curtains and the cutest little onesie dress ever. Now, sewing has become my new favorite hobby! I've been looking at lots of fun baby clothing tutorials online already- I can't wait to do more DIY projects for the baby room!
Sneak peak: these clouds and those piece of fabric will be made into nursery decor. SO excited about them!

The onesie dress Linzi showed me how to make. It needs a bit of ironing, but for my first baby clothing project I think it's just daaaarling. 

We have done fairly well in saving money on the big purchases so far, and hopefully that trend continues. With that, we have begun to dip our toes into the vast pool of cloth diapering. Research is our first hurdle to go over, and at this point there is still so much to learn about this foreign concept! We are not considering cloth diapering for environmental purposes or any other "granola" reason, but rather as a new way to save money- in the long run. It is expensive to start out with if you want quality, efficient, easy-to-use cloth diapers! Yikes! However, from our limited research, it may be worth it. I'll get back to you on that.
Disclaimer: We still plan on using disposable diapers, mostly for trips or extended time spent away from home, when we do not having a cleaning service (a.k.a washing machine) handy.
This is an image of one of the "modern" versions of cloth diapers. Easier to put on and more user and baby-friendly, but a little more difficult to wash/dry as well as being more expensive than your traditional "pre-folds", a.k.a. squares of cloth folded into a diaper and covered with a water-proof cover. 

My baby bump is growing bigger every week! Today, I was trying to put on one of my favorite skirts which needed to button at the top...and I couldn't do it. It was to small. Needless to say, my clothing options are dwindling as time progresses. It is a sad, sad fact. Or a happy one, whichever way you look at it.
Since I only have like 4 months left, it seems so sad to buy new clothes for pregnancy which I won't wear again for quite some time.

Today I broke down and bought a few things, including the most comfortable, flattering pair of maternity jeans EVER. I love them. Dresses are my favorite right now, especially the maxi dresses to cover up my swollen limbs. Who wants to see that? Yikes!

I do believe that this will be my favorite time of pregnancy as a whole. After about 19 weeks, I have slowly regained my energy and motivation to get stuff done! Yippee! I'm working out more, cooking more, doing crafty things (like sewing), and am perhaps less emotional (Brent may be laughing at this point). I see a difference, truly. Some days I don't even feel pregnant at all! Until I look at my meager closet and try to look cute in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Then it hits hard-core. Ah well!

I can still semi-sleep on my belly, which is absolutely wonderful since I am a stomach sleeper. However, sleep has been eluding me the past few weeks. More energy = less sleep. What? Sad, but true. Insomnia is kicking my butt.

Best thing about being pregnant? Still, her movements. Also, having such a fun project to work on as the nursery has become! I love it! Let my interior designer come out! Researching and buying baby products is extensive but a joy to do. It makes having a baby so much more real and relevant!

Worst thing? Body issues. I despise weight gain, but as I've seen so far, it is inevitable. I do hope with all my heart that the second half of my pregnancy is good to me on that aspect! 
Again, the dismay of realizing that more than half of my clothes in my closet are no longer wearable (or well-fitting). But yay for shopping!

Cravings? Unfortunately, cheese is becoming a favorite. I've been trying to get back into eating uber healthy (more veggies, less meat), which means staying away from a lot of carbs and sodium. I feel as if I am always hungry, which I know can be detrimental to my weight gain goal. I've been loading up on fruit and veggies, but sometimes it just doesn't curb my craving for goldfish crackers, cheese, or soft-serve ice-cream. 

Baby Bump? It is official, I now have a bump. Albeit, a little round one. I have expanded all around my waist it seems, instead of just in the front. But she is protruding enough that people have commented on my "little belly"! 

Movements? Every day! She moves most in the early morning (0600-0800) and late evening (10:00-11:00 pm). I can actually see my belly bounce, and her movements are on the right and left side (at the same time)- so I know I'm feeling kicks and punches both! I have no idea what a "roll" feels like, or hiccups for that matter. I suppose I'll give that more time?

Boy or Girl? Girl!

What do you miss? Oh, I think it's the same as my previous posts. Although currently I miss a good sleep. It has been a while since I've slept a complete 8 hours. 4, 5, and sometimes 6 hours are my current sleep-times. Sigh.

Sorry for the lack of pictures!!! I'm such a slacker :) 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Like giddy school-children...

It's been a couple weeks since I last updated, and wow, things have changed!
You saw that we picked out paint for the nursery, right? Well, Brent has out-done himself and painted, found nursery furniture, and organized/set-up the room! It's so fun, and we love to peek in there on occasion.
The furniture is from an ad on Craigslist. It is absolutely beautiful, minimally used, and perfect for our picky taste!
We have our stroller travel system picked out (again, Brent is my super-hero and researched tons of them), and a few knick-knacks to place in the baby room. When we finish it, I will be SURE to post pictures.

My body is continuing to change, and I still feel like I've gained 10-20 lbs. But at our last appointment with the doctor, I was only up 3! YES!!! I have the slightest baby bump, and even though it looks like I ate a big dinner still, I know what it really is- a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this prenatal exercise DVD from Amazon and fell in love with it. It has 3 parts, 1 full-workout for each trimester. It uses a resistance band, which I've never worked with before. First time I did the whole 1-hour, I was SO sore. Yikes! I am slowly building my motivation and energy back up, so perhaps I can do this workout more than once a week...

You may be interested in seeing some pictures, yes? Here you go! This is a picture of me taken in the nursery (sneak-peek). See the baby? We are at 19 weeks today.

I've kept the best for last.
Many of you know already, but let me tell the story in a more detailed version.
We had our gender ultrasound this morning! We were very excited (I was nervous as well...for some reason). The moment we saw our tiny babe on the screen, it was love all over again! It grew so much since the last time we saw it- 8 weeks ago! The baby was sitting pretty, with the legs drawn up to the belly (truly, the poor thing looked quite cramped). And the movement!!!! WOW! Active, this one is. VERY. It was such a sweet thing to watch the legs and hands moving/waving. Baby didn't like getting poked and prodded by the ultrasound wand!
Since this was the anatomy scan, they measured everything (heart, brain, kidneys, legs, etc). Everything checked out wonderfully.

We had brought a little card and envelope with us so they could write the gender inside of it, without telling us. We would look at the card later where we could celebrate over coffee :)

The appointment ended, and we left with a well-sealed envelope which contained a juicy secret, and a few pictures of baby T.

We made our way to Barnes and Noble and sat with our Starbucks in the Children's center. The moment of truth had arrived! I was so nervous and super excited! I had a 98% certainty that it was a boy. Since we found out I was pregnant I had that feeling...

This is the results (again taken in our nursery when we got home).


We love our little daughter. So very much. 
However, with the news of having a girl, trepidation set in. Girls are so vulnerable, emotional, and must be handled like precious jewels (with a side of "we must be firm"). How scary. 
On the opposite note, it will be pure joy to welcome into our home everything that comes with little females...like:
-and oh-so-fun wardrobe choices!!!

Good thing I've kept this in our "for baby" box in her room:

How adorable is this sleeper? I saw it at Babies-R-Us and couldn't resist. It is so much cuter in person. 

Update on my pregnancy:

Best thing about being pregnant? Being able to see growth (of the baby, that is). Also...dun dun DUN...I feel her moving! She likes to occasionally do a few "tap taps", but there isn't consistent movements at this point. 

Worst thing? Being unable to fit well and comfortably in my cute clothes. I'm a horrible shopper when it comes to clothes for myself. I'm picky and despise ringing up a hefty bill. I love shopping though, don't get me wrong. I need to just pick day and just DO IT!!! Comfy and not-constricting clothes would be so nice...

Cravings? Still love fruit. Adore it. Also, pad Thai. Not kidding about that, I've been wanting it for so long that I caved and made it for dinner tonight. A weird desire I've had is peanut butter and noodles. Together. WHAT??? Don't worry, I've abstained since pasta is not something I want on one of my main food groups, haha! Wait...excuse me. I had peanut butter in my pad Thai. Woops. This was a craving day I guess. :)

Baby Bump? A little one!

Movements? Yes! Just started in the last two weeks. Bumps and tap-taps on occasion. It will be so weird when it is more defined and consistent (it's strange enough already). 

Boy or Girl? Girl!

What do you miss? Cocktails or blue moon. Sigh. I also still miss the motivation and results I had from working out before pregnancy. It will be SO GOOD to get back in the groove after little girlie is born!

Well. That's it for now from the Texas Turpin house-hold!