Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thirty-six and a half...

Well, we've almost made it! I write this at 36 and 1/2 weeks! Next week we'll be full term! It's been, what, four weeks since I've posted last? Yikes! Give me another 4 and maybe it'll be a "baby's here" post ;)
Excuse the tired look on my face...

So, what's been happening the last month? We have been very busy with work and various activities, I don't even know where to start! How about something baby related?

My good friend, Linzi, hosted a spectacular baby shower for me a couple weeks ago. The decorations were gorgeous, the food delicious, and the company of wonderful friends was amazing. She put so much work into it, and even gave me some beautiful handmade gifts. The other women there added to the day to make it extra special and one I will always remember :)
Linzi and I
The wonderful ladies from L to R: Cece, Linzi, Denise, Me, Erica, Stephanie, and Leeann, with Scarlett and baby Sean in front.

After the baby shower, we went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze with Linzi and her husband, Landon. Believe it or not, that was the first time I've ever been to either one! We came home with lots of pumpkins, which are currently decorating our front door and dining room table. Eventually we plan on carving one or a few and roasting the seeds. Oh, I love fall. 

It wasn't but a few days after the shower that I was given a surprise shower at work! They had told me to come in early for yearly evaluations...but when I arrived they had a room set up so cute for a shower- for Genesis and I! I was so surprised and blessed! Here are a few of the lovely ladies I work with who put it together: 

    Genesis has been growing by leaps and bounds the last few weeks! Her movements are a little more "focused" lately. She is quickly running out of room, so she has to stick her little knees and feet in any space she can find...meaning, my right side and ribs. She can no longer roll around very well, but I'm hoping that's a good thing- the only way to go now is down! Unfortunately, with a bigger baby comes a bigger belly...comes back aches. I hope she moves down soon! Insomnia has also been really bad recently. 3 hours a night just isn't cutting it. But I suppose if those are the only two things I can complain about, I'm doing pretty good! We are almost through!

   I wish I could show you all everything in Genny's wardrobe. We have some adorable little outfits thanks to the showers, my sister, Gramma Schweim, various friends and family, and our own purchases :) However, you can plan on seeing lots of pictures after she comes!

   I start my maternity leave in two weeks (7 shifts!), and I couldn't be more excited! I plan on getting my "nesting" on in full force and finish everything left for the baby.

   Question Time:

Best thing about being pregnant?
   Ummm....knowing that it's almost done, does that count? No, I think the best thing right now is having something so great to look forward too. I greatly enjoy reading birth stories, looking at baby pictures, dreaming about what Genesis will look like, and spending time in her nursery, thinking and planning. 
   Also, the best thing is knowing I have such a wonderful husband who loves to plan and dream about the baby just as much as I do :) 
Worst thing?
   I mentioned this above, but right now it's the insomnia and back aches. I hope this is just a phase for this week?
   I've been quite consistent this pregnancy and absolutely adore fruit. My favorite thing is making a fruit salad, with pineapple, apples, strawberries, and grapes. SO good. 
Baby bump?
  No mistaking! It is measuring perfectly, but because it is so big I had a hard time with my range of motion. bending down or getting up from a low seat? It's harder than I thought! Putting pants on is becoming more of a struggle...
What do you miss?
   My clothes. I'm a lot more limited now! I miss feeling like I can move without hindrance. Oh to run, leap, or throw myself on the couch/bed! 
What are you looking forward too?
   The next couple weeks, when Genny could come any time! I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving. It will be Brent and I's second Thanksgiving together, and the last one as just the two of us. 

   Until next time!