Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Babies Don't Keep

As I sit writing this, I have the baby strapped to me in the Bjorn (snoozing), dishes in the sink, bed half-way unmade, and the yard a dog-disaster. Oh yes, and my lunch remains uneaten on the stove. The floor needs to be swept. Rent needs to be paid, letter sent off to a friend, groceries to shop for...etc. etc. etc.

YIKES! What am I doing writing a blog? Well, turns out, what I listed above is an everyday occurrence (albeit, baby in different places and state of being). There is no possible way to get everything accomplished in one day without it being hurried and not as thorough as it should be.
Oh, how life has changed!
I was thinking the other day about how I used to be such a dreamer, planner, and home-maker. I loved having a clean home and a healthy dinner ready for my husband when he came home from work. I enjoyed wondering what sort of things I would like to do on my days off- gym? crafts? shopping? reading? The possibilities were endless!

Genny has taught me how to take life more slowly. To just sit, rocking her in the chair, listening to lullabies. I love to smell her fuzzy head while she sleeps in my arms, it is so comforting and sweet. There are times where all she wants is to be cuddled and rocked, so I take that time to open a book and read a few pages before she awakes. We love to enjoy the weather outside at the park, walking her in the stroller or sitting on the grass soaking up the sunshine. It is the small things that she makes me love so much! Getting out of the house is a wonderful feeling, even if it is just to buy groceries :)

It is a miracle if I can at least have the dishes done and dinner prepped by the time Brent gets home. Yoga pants and sweats are my outfit of choice, and makeup is minimal if I even try. All chores are done as quickly as possible, though still somehow remain unfinished! My dreams are for my family, and my focus is on their success instead of mine. My goal in life is that they would be content and happy.

Now, now, I am not complaining in the least! I adore my little family with a love so strong that sometimes it hurts. It is not what I'm used to, but it is what I'm adapting too. All part of becoming a mother. I never realized what a big sacrifice it is to be a parent! So, thanks Mom and Dad :)

Ah, so true!

Genesis Mae is growing like a little weed. She weighs 11lbs and is over 24 inches tall. Where did our tiny munchkin go? Good thing is, she's still small enough to cuddle- one of my favorite past times! She is very alert, and loves to be walked around the house or outside so she can look at a variety of things that pass by. She sleeps wonderfully at night, and we have finally established a routine! 

Her laughs and smiles warm my heart near to bursting. She is happiest in the mornings, and getting her out of her pack-n-play is the best way to start my day!

I hope to put up more pictures of her soon!