Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Babies Don't Keep

As I sit writing this, I have the baby strapped to me in the Bjorn (snoozing), dishes in the sink, bed half-way unmade, and the yard a dog-disaster. Oh yes, and my lunch remains uneaten on the stove. The floor needs to be swept. Rent needs to be paid, letter sent off to a friend, groceries to shop for...etc. etc. etc.

YIKES! What am I doing writing a blog? Well, turns out, what I listed above is an everyday occurrence (albeit, baby in different places and state of being). There is no possible way to get everything accomplished in one day without it being hurried and not as thorough as it should be.
Oh, how life has changed!
I was thinking the other day about how I used to be such a dreamer, planner, and home-maker. I loved having a clean home and a healthy dinner ready for my husband when he came home from work. I enjoyed wondering what sort of things I would like to do on my days off- gym? crafts? shopping? reading? The possibilities were endless!

Genny has taught me how to take life more slowly. To just sit, rocking her in the chair, listening to lullabies. I love to smell her fuzzy head while she sleeps in my arms, it is so comforting and sweet. There are times where all she wants is to be cuddled and rocked, so I take that time to open a book and read a few pages before she awakes. We love to enjoy the weather outside at the park, walking her in the stroller or sitting on the grass soaking up the sunshine. It is the small things that she makes me love so much! Getting out of the house is a wonderful feeling, even if it is just to buy groceries :)

It is a miracle if I can at least have the dishes done and dinner prepped by the time Brent gets home. Yoga pants and sweats are my outfit of choice, and makeup is minimal if I even try. All chores are done as quickly as possible, though still somehow remain unfinished! My dreams are for my family, and my focus is on their success instead of mine. My goal in life is that they would be content and happy.

Now, now, I am not complaining in the least! I adore my little family with a love so strong that sometimes it hurts. It is not what I'm used to, but it is what I'm adapting too. All part of becoming a mother. I never realized what a big sacrifice it is to be a parent! So, thanks Mom and Dad :)

Ah, so true!

Genesis Mae is growing like a little weed. She weighs 11lbs and is over 24 inches tall. Where did our tiny munchkin go? Good thing is, she's still small enough to cuddle- one of my favorite past times! She is very alert, and loves to be walked around the house or outside so she can look at a variety of things that pass by. She sleeps wonderfully at night, and we have finally established a routine! 

Her laughs and smiles warm my heart near to bursting. She is happiest in the mornings, and getting her out of her pack-n-play is the best way to start my day!

I hope to put up more pictures of her soon!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Birth and First month...

Wow. My last post I was 36.5 weeks pregnant. Well, 2.5 weeks later our baby arrived! I made it past Thanksgiving and was absolutely certain that Genesis would come into the world past her due date. Hallelujah, I was wrong.

Here's the run down:
On November 27th, I had one of my weekly appointments with my OB. It was a standard visit, and everything looked good. I was very anxious to get the show on the road, so we ended up scheduling an induction for December 6th...Brent and I left the OB office very happy and excited that we had a for certain date of her arrival!
That same morning, we went on a 3 mile or so hike through the El Paso desert/hills...It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time walking around! Of course, I was as round as a basketball, so it was a little extra effort to keep up with Brent...haha.
We arrived home after doing some grocery shopping at Walmart, and proceeded to take it easy and rest. I called my mother, and told her about our scheduled induction so she and Todd could plan on arriving the day before.
Immediately after I hung up the phone my water broke. I knew without a doubt that I had NOT peed myself. Brent did the dishes and laundry while I showered and did my hair...Brent was amazing and got our hospital bag together and put the car-seat in the car. I called the hospital, and then we were on our way to have our baby!
The last baby bump picture- about 5 minutes before we headed to the hospital!

I was not having contractions at this point, and was barely 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. After about 7 hours, they decided to start labor contractions with an oral medication. My contractions were not terribly bad throughout the night, but I did not get any sleep because they were still uncomfortable and too frequent for rest. In the morning, I hadn't progressed much at all. I was on strict bed rest and was not allowed to get out of bed for any reason...which was pure torture! The baby was not engaged yet, and there was risk of a prolapsed cord (which is very dangerous for the baby). They started Pitocin at 0700, and my contractions became awful. Just awful. They were very close together, and I was not able to rest in between them. I wanted to see if I was progressing very much before I accepted the epidural, but at 1100 I was only 5cm. The contractions were excruciating, and the fact that I couldn't move out of bed made it worse- so the epidural was given! It was AMAZING. The best decision I made!!!! Thankfully, I only received a small dose so I could still feel the hard pressure of the contractions and could move my legs (though they felt very heavy). With this wonderful relief I was able to doze for the next couple hours. The OB came in to check my progress at 2:50, and he announced that I could have the baby now if I was ready to push! 20 minutes later, Genesis arrived screaming her tiny little lungs out for all she was worth :) She was active and alert, with APGARS of 7 and 10! She was doing very well, even though it had been a little over 24 hours since my water broke, and about 13 hours of active labor and strong contractions.

We were laughing and crying, and in such awe of our perfect little daughter. The Lord has blessed us so very much. Genesis Mae Turpin was born at 3:08pm, 7lbs 2oz, and 20 inches long! She has big, expressive eyes, and sweet, kissable cheeks.

Recovery was much easier than I thought it would be, and I was able to bounce back with no complications. Genesis on the other hand, had to be admitted to the Intermediate Care Nursery for two days because of at elevated white blood cell count (risk of sepsis). She was just fine though, and after her two (LONG) days in the hospital, was allowed to go home!

During this time my Dad and brother, TJ, had arrived, as well as my Mom and her husband, Todd. It was so good to see everyone! Brent and I had been updating my sister, Amanda, as much as possible throughout this whole process, so she was very much aware of Genesis' birth and all the happenings surrounding it.

Genesis is now four weeks old (WOW). She has grown so much and is eating like a pro! The first two weeks were very stressful, and there were definitely moments of crying and frustration...but thankfully, we are more scheduled and have figured out how to properly care for a newborn!
Brent has been my hero, and I am thankful for him- what a great Daddy he is!

Though Brent and I are often very tired at the end of the day, we wouldn't change a thing. We love our little girl so much; she has provided us with much laughter and joy!
At this point I can only dream of getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time, have a thoroughly clean house, or have the opportunity to shower and look decent on a daily basis, but I know it will get better with time. I do not want to take this time for granted as she is still so small and cuddly :)

We had our first Christmas as a tiny family, and ended up staying home and enjoying each others company. It was a very quiet day, but restful. Genesis received lots of presents from her Grandparents on both sides- she is spoiled already!

Thank you all so much for your excitement with us as we welcome our daughter, Genny, into this big world. Please pray for us as we adjust to our new life with her, and that we would be parents of discernment and wisdom!

Love you all!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thirty-six and a half...

Well, we've almost made it! I write this at 36 and 1/2 weeks! Next week we'll be full term! It's been, what, four weeks since I've posted last? Yikes! Give me another 4 and maybe it'll be a "baby's here" post ;)
Excuse the tired look on my face...

So, what's been happening the last month? We have been very busy with work and various activities, I don't even know where to start! How about something baby related?

My good friend, Linzi, hosted a spectacular baby shower for me a couple weeks ago. The decorations were gorgeous, the food delicious, and the company of wonderful friends was amazing. She put so much work into it, and even gave me some beautiful handmade gifts. The other women there added to the day to make it extra special and one I will always remember :)
Linzi and I
The wonderful ladies from L to R: Cece, Linzi, Denise, Me, Erica, Stephanie, and Leeann, with Scarlett and baby Sean in front.

After the baby shower, we went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze with Linzi and her husband, Landon. Believe it or not, that was the first time I've ever been to either one! We came home with lots of pumpkins, which are currently decorating our front door and dining room table. Eventually we plan on carving one or a few and roasting the seeds. Oh, I love fall. 

It wasn't but a few days after the shower that I was given a surprise shower at work! They had told me to come in early for yearly evaluations...but when I arrived they had a room set up so cute for a shower- for Genesis and I! I was so surprised and blessed! Here are a few of the lovely ladies I work with who put it together: 

    Genesis has been growing by leaps and bounds the last few weeks! Her movements are a little more "focused" lately. She is quickly running out of room, so she has to stick her little knees and feet in any space she can find...meaning, my right side and ribs. She can no longer roll around very well, but I'm hoping that's a good thing- the only way to go now is down! Unfortunately, with a bigger baby comes a bigger belly...comes back aches. I hope she moves down soon! Insomnia has also been really bad recently. 3 hours a night just isn't cutting it. But I suppose if those are the only two things I can complain about, I'm doing pretty good! We are almost through!

   I wish I could show you all everything in Genny's wardrobe. We have some adorable little outfits thanks to the showers, my sister, Gramma Schweim, various friends and family, and our own purchases :) However, you can plan on seeing lots of pictures after she comes!

   I start my maternity leave in two weeks (7 shifts!), and I couldn't be more excited! I plan on getting my "nesting" on in full force and finish everything left for the baby.

   Question Time:

Best thing about being pregnant?
   Ummm....knowing that it's almost done, does that count? No, I think the best thing right now is having something so great to look forward too. I greatly enjoy reading birth stories, looking at baby pictures, dreaming about what Genesis will look like, and spending time in her nursery, thinking and planning. 
   Also, the best thing is knowing I have such a wonderful husband who loves to plan and dream about the baby just as much as I do :) 
Worst thing?
   I mentioned this above, but right now it's the insomnia and back aches. I hope this is just a phase for this week?
   I've been quite consistent this pregnancy and absolutely adore fruit. My favorite thing is making a fruit salad, with pineapple, apples, strawberries, and grapes. SO good. 
Baby bump?
  No mistaking! It is measuring perfectly, but because it is so big I had a hard time with my range of motion. bending down or getting up from a low seat? It's harder than I thought! Putting pants on is becoming more of a struggle...
What do you miss?
   My clothes. I'm a lot more limited now! I miss feeling like I can move without hindrance. Oh to run, leap, or throw myself on the couch/bed! 
What are you looking forward too?
   The next couple weeks, when Genny could come any time! I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving. It will be Brent and I's second Thanksgiving together, and the last one as just the two of us. 

   Until next time!

Monday, October 8, 2012

32 Weeks: Decisions, Decisions...

Every time a week goes by and the end of pregnancy comes near...I have miniature freak-out moments. I don't want time slow down but I'm being reminded constantly that soon our lives will change drastically!
It will all start with labor and birth of Genesis Turpin, or sweet baby girl.

Labor and birth? No, thanks! I'll just skip it this time around. Just hand me my baby please, all clean and swaddled, on my due date, with a cake and champagne for all.


Going into labor and delivering a baby has always filled me with a bit of anxiety and trepidation. I'm one of those people who get nervous about an event and get cold-feet right before it happens...If you could hear what is going on in my mind, it would be something like this: "I don't want to do this. Make it stop. I regret everything leading up to this. Can I get out of this? What would I have to do to? Make it stop. Oh, please. Oh, please."

That is pretty much how I see the birth process going for me. Sure, I know how to keep a straight-faced exterior, calm, and collected...but inside I'm FREAKING out, wishing I were somewhere or someone else at the moment.

Because I realize getting cold-feet is inevitable, and that giving birth is also inevitable (no turning back now!), I've put forth the effort to educate myself and research birthing methods. Boy, talk about a different world. No longer is pregnancy necessarily about the baby anymore, but it is now become about the birth. Will you have a natural or medicated birth? Hospital, birthing center, or at home? Doula, midwife, or OB? C-section, induction, or strictly "natural"?
Birth plans are becoming extremely popular nowadays, some being basic and to-the-point, some being extensive 4-page "to-do" lists.
Something interesting I've come across in my research is the overwhelming differences of opinion between the up-and-coming Natural Birth Movement and the more common Hospital births.

Pretty much (and this is my opinion and how it translated to me) each sides opinion is as follows:

Natural Birth Movement will tell you: Hospitals are only there to take your money, the staff does not care about you nor your baby- let alone the delivery process, they will medicate you (and therefore your baby) to the point you are unable to adequately bond with your baby, will make it difficult for you to breastfeed, and will push for inductions/C-sections on everyone who walks in the L&D floor.


Hospital will tell you: Home-births are a place of danger, mid-wives may or may not actually know what they are doing in case of medical emergency, they have certain protocols that are set in place for labor and delivery (depending on which hospital), they will encourage certain medications (because of lawsuits in the past), and you may have a different Doctor delivering your child other than the one you've been seeing the last 9 months.

It is up to the Mom and Dad to decide which side they believe more.

I've found so many studies and research articles, namely on medicated versus unmedicated births and natural versus induction, but have come up with a conclusion: You can find studies that agree or encourage either side. Seriously. If you are determined that epidurals cause a difficult labor that ultimately leads to a greater risk for C-section, you will find a study supporting your view. However, if you look for research that negates that fact and even goes so far as to say that further interventions are actually dependent on factors surrounding labor (i.e. length, duration/strength of contractions, ability of mother, etc) and not medications, you will find those too.

So, what am I to think?
It is all personal preference.

Perhaps this view will change in future pregnancies, but for now, it is what I am sticking too.

This is my first experience with pregnancy, labor, giving birth, and having a baby. So you know what I want to do? Make the process something that I will look back on with fond memories. No regrets about potentially not being able to have an unmedicated birth like I want (the baby doesn't care anyway and will not remember).

Therefore, I'm not writing a detailed birth plan. Sure, I will have a few things that I would specifically request, but I'd rather not go over-board and be disappointed about any deviations from my "list".

-If I think the pain is something I do not want to bear (I've never been in a lot of pain, so my threshold is unknown at this time...), I will ask for an epidural (you can usually ask for a low dose, by the way...).
-I would actually prefer that little baby Genny be cleaned off before I attempt to breastfeed. Sorry, sweet girl, you will be covered in goop and gore- and that gives me the creeps.

That's about all I've come up with as far as specific requests for labor and delivery. I've done plenty of research, so I'm not flying blind. I understand risks and complications. I understand patient rights. I feel comfortable in a hospital and understand how it functions.
In my mind, it doesn't really matter how she is born because SHE WILL BE BORN!!!!!! That, my friends and family, is what this whole process is all about. Not that you had a c-section or vaginal birth, not that you gave birth at a hospital or at home. The baby really won't care.

Lets just get there and get it done. In about 8 weeks, I will inform you how delivery actually went. But, whatever happens, I know it will be one of the greatest memories Brent and I will ever have. I can't WAIT to see our baby! 

How is little Genny doing?

She probably weighs about 3 lbs, and is between 16-19 inches. She is running out of room in my belly, and from what I can tell, is now head down (for the most part). Every now and then, Brent and I can feel her outline...from her butt to her head. She hiccups almost daily, and they last for a few minutes each time. Her favorite side to lay on has been the right side- Not sure why, but that is where we've found/felt her mainly!

Changing table/organizer. The middle shelf is her cloth diapers and inserts. The curtains are one of my favorite parts of the room- so bright and cheery! None of these pictures do the nursery justice really, it is a very sun-shiny, happy place. Which was our intention :)
Genesis' room. My favorite place. It may be small, but it's sweet and cozy! The chair is to die-for comfortable...

Her nursery is complete, besides the little things that all babies need (more clothes, blankets, bathing stuff, etc)...but my friend, Linzi, is hosting a baby shower for me in two weeks and what we don't receive we will buy as soon as we can. I love being prepared :)

Best thing about being pregnant? It is almost done! Haha!

Worst thing? I'm still pregnant. My belly is getting huge, I get short of breath when I'm sitting down or lying in bed, and it takes foreeeeeever to fall asleep.

Cravings? Everything, but I still adore fruit. Nectarines and apples! YES!

Baby Bump? Measuring right on track, according to my OB.

What do you miss? The other night I had a dream about going for a run along a paved road, surrounded by trees. It was absolutely glorious. I see runners at the park every time I go in to work, and I am filled with longing. They look so free and weightless! So at ease!

What are you looking forward too? Going on leave from work. Hopefully, November 23rd will be my first day off to start maternity leave. Cutting it pretty close, but it fills me with joy to think of being off work to prepare for baby :)
Oh, and my baby shower! First one EVER!

Brent and I made these this past week. Pretty nifty. And with that, I'll leave you until next time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Third and last!

28 weeks today: welcome to the last trimester!

Brent and I went on a hike up the mountain today and took advantage of the awesome scenery to snap a few photos of us. I had not been hiking since the spring-time, but did better than I thought I would! Needless to say, I was all tuckered out when we got home :)

This past week has been rather stressful, because my sweet Sheltie, Lew, developed Congestive Heart Failure suddenly and needed to have his lungs drained so he wouldn't essentially "drown" himself. It was so sad and devastating. We decided to forgo bringing him home on medications, which would only extend his life another 6 months in the best-case scenario. I am giving him lots of hugs and kisses in this short time he has with us. I've been trying to get him to eat, and have offered a variety of yummy foods, but at this time he is just unable to for some reason. Poor boy.

He looks just pitiful in this photo. He had an IV placed, and was shaved on both sides so they could drain each lung. 

In other news at the Turpin house-hold, we are gearing up for Fall (yay, Starbucks Pumpkin Latte's!) and I've continued to be domestic as far as sewing and crafting for baby and our house! We planted pumpkins in our little garden this year and they are growing SO big! Hopefully, they will pollinate together and we will have lots of big, orange pumpkins to cook, can, and decorate with. 

We have been trying to read more as well, and I just recently bought a few books that interested me and may come in handy when December rolls around. 
I will be trying to make an attempt at breastfeeding, so I bought "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding". They tend to be one-sided and definitely don't cater to women who want to go back to work and still breastfeed, but the information is thorough and helpful.
The second book, "Heading Home with Your Newborn" is filled with fairly basic information and most of it I was aware of, but I really like how this book lays everything out there. I have enjoyed reading it, even as a reassurance of the information I already know. It also helps put the reality of having a newborn into perspective. Definitely a book I would recommend!

<--- Here we are at 28 weeks into the pregnancy! Not much has changed since my last post at 25 1/2 weeks, except perhaps a bigger belly. I've been able to sleep on my belly and back this whole time without discomfort, and it is only just now becoming slightly uncomfortable to be on my stomach. Which is sad, because I'm a stomach-sleeper. Sigh.

I had the glucose (gestational diabetes) test about 2 weeks ago. For the test, I had to drink a highly-concentrated Lemon-Lime "soda" minus the carbonation.

Here's the run-down:
-Get blood drawn and finger poked to check fasting blood sugar.
-Drink the sugar stuff in 5 minutes flat.
-Go wait in the waiting room that only plays Spanish soap opera's.
-Waiting for an hour under strict rules not to eat, chew gum, drink, sleep, or go anywhere.
-Get blood drawn again after the hour is up.
-Go wait another hour under the same rules.
-Get blood drawn for the last time after the second hour is up.
-Leave with a horrible thirst and desire to brush your teeth.

Here's to hoping I passed! They haven't called me, so no news is good news, right?

Genesis is still as active as ever and sometimes freaks me out when she does a particularly big "shift" or "punch". Honestly, sometimes I forget I am pregnant, then she moves and I'm like...whoa. That was weird. Haha!

Brent and I are counting down the weeks/days until she is here (approximate of course, since we don't really know)! I can honestly say though, that I DO NOT want to go past 41 weeks. If we get even close to 41, I will be begging for an induction. So many people say that "the baby will comes when it wants", and while that is true for the most part, I've seen too many late-term baby's in the NICU because of swallowing meconium. Also, labor becomes harder (hello, bigger baby), and I'm pretty sure no woman is ever feeling her best being late-term. Nooooo thank-you! :)

So, here's the stats:

Genesis is about the size of an Eggplant, and weighs around 2.5 lbs. From here on out, she will be gaining weight and hopefully growing some chubby baby cheeks and thighs on her little body :) She is fully developed by now and if born, would most likely survive with minimal to no assistance breathing!


Best thing about being pregnant? People are now starting to recognize that I am pregnant, and not just "fat"! I love it when someone doesn't even have to ask but just knows that I am, in fact, carrying a baby. Finally!

Worst thing? I'm hungry all the time, but never know what I want. However, I suppose if that's the worst thing, then I'm doing pretty well right now! Oh, I suppose the worst thing at this point is knowing that we have come so far but have so far to go...12 weeks? Aw, man.

Cravings? None. See above.

Baby Bump? Bigger every week! Still lacking the cute basketball belly, but I think I've come to terms that it's not happening this time around. Or ever. Not the way my body was made to carry a baby, I suppose!

What do you miss? Oooooohhhh.....wine. Clothes that are not tight or constricting. Hands and feet that don't swell easily. I miss not being pregnant (not complaining, just being honest here).

What are you looking forward to? Well, besides stating the obvious, I am looking forward to having a baby shower! And Holidays! Cool weather! Rain! Decreasing my hours at work!
Aaaaah....Fall will be so great this year.

Let me leave you with a cute baby outfit. We picked this particular one for Genny's first trip- HOME!!!! She will be our little polar bear. It is so soft and fuzzy, with adorable little ears on top. We got the newborn size, which just adds to the cute factor. Next time you see this outfit, our little girl will be in it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Genesis: "First-starter; Beginning; Birth".

We would like to announce the name of our first child, Genesis Turpin.

We decided against keeping it a secret until birth, and it has been so fun talking to and about her by name! We have yet to come up with a middle name that fits perfectly, but we have plenty of time to decide :)

These past couple weeks have gone by in a blur. Has it really been almost 4 weeks since I've posted last? Wow! I honestly don't know what we have filled our time with. Brent was Best Man in his college roommate's wedding in St. Louis, and I just got back a week and half ago from another wedding in Missouri of one of my good friends I grew up with.
Me, Rebekah, and Grace. 

While I was in Missouri, I stayed with my life-long friend, Grace, and her husband, Justin. Grace is in the striped dress in the picture above. She is also pregnant, and due in the beginning of October! It was so much fun talking pregnancy and birthing options with her! She definitely has the pregnant glow about her and is such a joy to be around- I absolutely cannot wait until their little girl arrives! She will be beautiful and treasured by her God-fearing parents. So happy for them :)

Brent and I are ready to be parents. Or, so we think.
We have prepared the nursery. Bought sweet little baby outfits. Established a good supply of cloth diapers. We even have our stroller and car-seat ready!

We are ready to be parents on a material level, but emotional and mental is a whole other story! There is such a responsibility looming in front of us when she arrives. It seems so daunting, to raise a child in this generation that seems so lost and resistant to Christ. Prayers will definitely be desired and sent up on a continual basis!
Though we were not planning on having a child this soon, we are absolutely thrilled to be on this crazy adventure. We are having SO MUCH FUN preparing for Genesis to arrive! December 3rd seems like so far...but in reality it is only 3 1/2 months. I know it will fly by.
When we finally "reveal" the nursery, I hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed putting it together. I think I may have found my new joy...decorating for babies! My belly bump picture gives you a generous peek at the nursery.
I have been crocheting, sewing, and trying to come up with a painting for the room. I needed a good craft project, and now I have several! I should have taken pictures of some of the things I've made, but I'm horrible at getting around to it.
Maybe next time.

Genesis is now 25 1/2 weeks in utero. There are only 14 1/2 weeks left to go! She weighs "approximately" 2lbs, and about 9.2 inches. WHAT???? No wonder my belly doubled in size in the last couple weeks!
She is SO active. Brent and I love to watch my belly wiggle, jump, and pulse as she gets comfortable in there. Sometimes, she goes crazy for a couple minutes and I can't help but wonder what she's doing...having a party? It is so much fun! We can now tell where she is just by palpating my belly. There will be hard, round spots that are always in different areas. It's crazy.
Here is my baby bump shot:
My belly is more pronounced than this, I swear. 

I really do have a noticeable bump now. You can't really see it too much in the photo, but it's there. It is neither high nor low...it's about right dab-smack in the middle (though Genny likes to sit waaaaay down low). The bump is not round like a basket-ball either, but more spread out. All over. 

No pregnancy symptoms either (wait, is gaining weight a symptom?). We are just chillin' out, waiting for the big day!

Best thing about being pregnant? Feeling Genesis move all the time! And baby crafts! Baby girl clothing shopping! The anticipation!

Worst thing? Again with the body issues. Exercise and I are not good friends, as it is becoming harder and harder...I feel lame and wimpy. 

Cravings? None, really. I love my fruit still...and chocolate...cheese...and iced-coffee. But those probably aren't cravings so much as bad eating habits. 

Baby Bump? YES!!! It's there. Honest.

Movements? We've already gone over this...and the answer is a big, fat, whoppin, YES!!!! SO MUCH!

Boy or Girl? (this is getting repetitive) Girly girl. I do have this fear of a surprise on delivery day that she turns out to be a boy. After we have bought the most girly outfits ever. Haha!

What do you miss? Oooooh....going out to eat and ordering a delicious cocktail. The ability to exercise well. But really, not much at this point. I'm not a fan of pregnancy, but it really isn't that bad. I feel like a walking contradiction when I say that though, because at the same time I can hardly wait to not be pregnant. Haha! 

Let me leave you with something cute. Genesis' closet is filling with the most adorable dresses EVER. Brent and I splurged today and bought a few Sunday dresses for her. Oh my goodness. I can't wait. Pictures WILL BE TAKEN ALL THE TIME. Yes, I already know I will be one of "those" Moms. Geez. 
Enjoy :)
Mom sent us the adorable polka-dot dress and cardigan, along with a pink flower headband and frilly white socks! Valentines outfit?

These are only two of the dresses filling her ever-expanding wardrobe. I can't give you tooo much of a cuteness overload. 
Our little girl will wear pink, have lots of headbands and bows, and we will not be ashamed. It's fun to be a girl!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Greater than 1/2?

Can you believe we are PAST the halfway mark already? We are at 22 weeks, so approximately 18 more to go! We have been so busy with work and random stuff that the days fly by...which is surprising, but I'm really not complaining.

No belly picture this week due to the fact that it is 11:42 p.m. and I look it. As in, it looks like I've been up and around since 7:00 a.m., which I have. Usually things don't get better as the night progresses! I would like to add that my pregnant body changes throughout the day. I like it best in the morning because as the day goes by and on into evening it expands. Belly, legs, fingers, and feet. Swelling already? Ah man. I have to remind myself to DRINK WATER. LOTS of it. Lots and lots.

The nursery is coming along beautifully! My friend, Linzi, came over and helped me set up my new sewing machine and taught me how to make curtains and the cutest little onesie dress ever. Now, sewing has become my new favorite hobby! I've been looking at lots of fun baby clothing tutorials online already- I can't wait to do more DIY projects for the baby room!
Sneak peak: these clouds and those piece of fabric will be made into nursery decor. SO excited about them!

The onesie dress Linzi showed me how to make. It needs a bit of ironing, but for my first baby clothing project I think it's just daaaarling. 

We have done fairly well in saving money on the big purchases so far, and hopefully that trend continues. With that, we have begun to dip our toes into the vast pool of cloth diapering. Research is our first hurdle to go over, and at this point there is still so much to learn about this foreign concept! We are not considering cloth diapering for environmental purposes or any other "granola" reason, but rather as a new way to save money- in the long run. It is expensive to start out with if you want quality, efficient, easy-to-use cloth diapers! Yikes! However, from our limited research, it may be worth it. I'll get back to you on that.
Disclaimer: We still plan on using disposable diapers, mostly for trips or extended time spent away from home, when we do not having a cleaning service (a.k.a washing machine) handy.
This is an image of one of the "modern" versions of cloth diapers. Easier to put on and more user and baby-friendly, but a little more difficult to wash/dry as well as being more expensive than your traditional "pre-folds", a.k.a. squares of cloth folded into a diaper and covered with a water-proof cover. 

My baby bump is growing bigger every week! Today, I was trying to put on one of my favorite skirts which needed to button at the top...and I couldn't do it. It was to small. Needless to say, my clothing options are dwindling as time progresses. It is a sad, sad fact. Or a happy one, whichever way you look at it.
Since I only have like 4 months left, it seems so sad to buy new clothes for pregnancy which I won't wear again for quite some time.

Today I broke down and bought a few things, including the most comfortable, flattering pair of maternity jeans EVER. I love them. Dresses are my favorite right now, especially the maxi dresses to cover up my swollen limbs. Who wants to see that? Yikes!

I do believe that this will be my favorite time of pregnancy as a whole. After about 19 weeks, I have slowly regained my energy and motivation to get stuff done! Yippee! I'm working out more, cooking more, doing crafty things (like sewing), and am perhaps less emotional (Brent may be laughing at this point). I see a difference, truly. Some days I don't even feel pregnant at all! Until I look at my meager closet and try to look cute in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Then it hits hard-core. Ah well!

I can still semi-sleep on my belly, which is absolutely wonderful since I am a stomach sleeper. However, sleep has been eluding me the past few weeks. More energy = less sleep. What? Sad, but true. Insomnia is kicking my butt.

Best thing about being pregnant? Still, her movements. Also, having such a fun project to work on as the nursery has become! I love it! Let my interior designer come out! Researching and buying baby products is extensive but a joy to do. It makes having a baby so much more real and relevant!

Worst thing? Body issues. I despise weight gain, but as I've seen so far, it is inevitable. I do hope with all my heart that the second half of my pregnancy is good to me on that aspect! 
Again, the dismay of realizing that more than half of my clothes in my closet are no longer wearable (or well-fitting). But yay for shopping!

Cravings? Unfortunately, cheese is becoming a favorite. I've been trying to get back into eating uber healthy (more veggies, less meat), which means staying away from a lot of carbs and sodium. I feel as if I am always hungry, which I know can be detrimental to my weight gain goal. I've been loading up on fruit and veggies, but sometimes it just doesn't curb my craving for goldfish crackers, cheese, or soft-serve ice-cream. 

Baby Bump? It is official, I now have a bump. Albeit, a little round one. I have expanded all around my waist it seems, instead of just in the front. But she is protruding enough that people have commented on my "little belly"! 

Movements? Every day! She moves most in the early morning (0600-0800) and late evening (10:00-11:00 pm). I can actually see my belly bounce, and her movements are on the right and left side (at the same time)- so I know I'm feeling kicks and punches both! I have no idea what a "roll" feels like, or hiccups for that matter. I suppose I'll give that more time?

Boy or Girl? Girl!

What do you miss? Oh, I think it's the same as my previous posts. Although currently I miss a good sleep. It has been a while since I've slept a complete 8 hours. 4, 5, and sometimes 6 hours are my current sleep-times. Sigh.

Sorry for the lack of pictures!!! I'm such a slacker :)