Thursday, August 23, 2012


Genesis: "First-starter; Beginning; Birth".

We would like to announce the name of our first child, Genesis Turpin.

We decided against keeping it a secret until birth, and it has been so fun talking to and about her by name! We have yet to come up with a middle name that fits perfectly, but we have plenty of time to decide :)

These past couple weeks have gone by in a blur. Has it really been almost 4 weeks since I've posted last? Wow! I honestly don't know what we have filled our time with. Brent was Best Man in his college roommate's wedding in St. Louis, and I just got back a week and half ago from another wedding in Missouri of one of my good friends I grew up with.
Me, Rebekah, and Grace. 

While I was in Missouri, I stayed with my life-long friend, Grace, and her husband, Justin. Grace is in the striped dress in the picture above. She is also pregnant, and due in the beginning of October! It was so much fun talking pregnancy and birthing options with her! She definitely has the pregnant glow about her and is such a joy to be around- I absolutely cannot wait until their little girl arrives! She will be beautiful and treasured by her God-fearing parents. So happy for them :)

Brent and I are ready to be parents. Or, so we think.
We have prepared the nursery. Bought sweet little baby outfits. Established a good supply of cloth diapers. We even have our stroller and car-seat ready!

We are ready to be parents on a material level, but emotional and mental is a whole other story! There is such a responsibility looming in front of us when she arrives. It seems so daunting, to raise a child in this generation that seems so lost and resistant to Christ. Prayers will definitely be desired and sent up on a continual basis!
Though we were not planning on having a child this soon, we are absolutely thrilled to be on this crazy adventure. We are having SO MUCH FUN preparing for Genesis to arrive! December 3rd seems like so far...but in reality it is only 3 1/2 months. I know it will fly by.
When we finally "reveal" the nursery, I hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed putting it together. I think I may have found my new joy...decorating for babies! My belly bump picture gives you a generous peek at the nursery.
I have been crocheting, sewing, and trying to come up with a painting for the room. I needed a good craft project, and now I have several! I should have taken pictures of some of the things I've made, but I'm horrible at getting around to it.
Maybe next time.

Genesis is now 25 1/2 weeks in utero. There are only 14 1/2 weeks left to go! She weighs "approximately" 2lbs, and about 9.2 inches. WHAT???? No wonder my belly doubled in size in the last couple weeks!
She is SO active. Brent and I love to watch my belly wiggle, jump, and pulse as she gets comfortable in there. Sometimes, she goes crazy for a couple minutes and I can't help but wonder what she's doing...having a party? It is so much fun! We can now tell where she is just by palpating my belly. There will be hard, round spots that are always in different areas. It's crazy.
Here is my baby bump shot:
My belly is more pronounced than this, I swear. 

I really do have a noticeable bump now. You can't really see it too much in the photo, but it's there. It is neither high nor's about right dab-smack in the middle (though Genny likes to sit waaaaay down low). The bump is not round like a basket-ball either, but more spread out. All over. 

No pregnancy symptoms either (wait, is gaining weight a symptom?). We are just chillin' out, waiting for the big day!

Best thing about being pregnant? Feeling Genesis move all the time! And baby crafts! Baby girl clothing shopping! The anticipation!

Worst thing? Again with the body issues. Exercise and I are not good friends, as it is becoming harder and harder...I feel lame and wimpy. 

Cravings? None, really. I love my fruit still...and chocolate...cheese...and iced-coffee. But those probably aren't cravings so much as bad eating habits. 

Baby Bump? YES!!! It's there. Honest.

Movements? We've already gone over this...and the answer is a big, fat, whoppin, YES!!!! SO MUCH!

Boy or Girl? (this is getting repetitive) Girly girl. I do have this fear of a surprise on delivery day that she turns out to be a boy. After we have bought the most girly outfits ever. Haha!

What do you miss? Oooooh....going out to eat and ordering a delicious cocktail. The ability to exercise well. But really, not much at this point. I'm not a fan of pregnancy, but it really isn't that bad. I feel like a walking contradiction when I say that though, because at the same time I can hardly wait to not be pregnant. Haha! 

Let me leave you with something cute. Genesis' closet is filling with the most adorable dresses EVER. Brent and I splurged today and bought a few Sunday dresses for her. Oh my goodness. I can't wait. Pictures WILL BE TAKEN ALL THE TIME. Yes, I already know I will be one of "those" Moms. Geez. 
Enjoy :)
Mom sent us the adorable polka-dot dress and cardigan, along with a pink flower headband and frilly white socks! Valentines outfit?

These are only two of the dresses filling her ever-expanding wardrobe. I can't give you tooo much of a cuteness overload. 
Our little girl will wear pink, have lots of headbands and bows, and we will not be ashamed. It's fun to be a girl!

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  1. Love you. :) I've read this like twenty times. She's seriously going to be the cutest girl ever! Im ready to see some more ultrasounds!