Tuesday, June 5, 2012

..::11 Weeks::..

I'm rewinding just a bit and going back a few weeks:

We had our first ultrasound at 11 weeks...that experience is something I will never forget! Up until then, we felt as if we were "playing pretend"- especially since I was having no symptoms (besides being sleepy 24/7). There was the normal trepidation going in to the appointment from both of us, but the moment we saw our little babe pop up on the screen it became real. Surreal, rather. Such a little one! It was "jumping" up and down on occasion and moving it's tiny little hands. The ultrasound pictures do not do it close justice- the detail was better on the live screen :)
We cannot WAIT until our next appointment in July...when we see our babe for the 2nd time AND find out whether we are continuing the Turpin tradition of having boys or exploring a new world of tutu's, music, and flowers with a girl!

Here are 2 of our pictures of baby Turpin:
The ultrasound tech said our baby was measuring almost a whole week ahead!!!! We are still keeping December 3rd as our due date...but if the babe comes early, that would be juuuuust fine ;)

Our little turtle:

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