Tuesday, June 5, 2012

-14 weeks and counting!!-

It's hard to believe we are already in to the 2nd trimester! YES!!!! I feel immensely blessed, having skipped the traditional morning sickness and simply had to fight off being tired constantly. If time keeps going as fast as it has been, we will have a baby here quick as a wink!

Summer is well underway here in Texas and has been blistering hot (98 degrees yesterday!), but thankfully the humidity is pretty much non-existent. I do not miss Missouri. Except for the bodies of water. And the pool at our old apartment. Oh, the pool....

Anywho- on to bigger and better things (it is Texas, afterall). Speaking of better things and on more of a "baby-note", we had our monthly check-up with the doc last week and it went great! Truly, for not being high-risk I don't really get the point of them...It was the quickest appointment ever! Checked my fundus (right on track!) and heard the sweet sound of baby Turpin's little heart beating away fast and strong. That was a highlight :)

I have already bought a few clothes and the shoes you saw in our announcement picture...I am in love with baby stuff. Planning the nursery will be so much fun, and I will have the help of my good friend, Linzi, so double the bonus! :)

What is the best thing about being pregnant? Still, the anticipation :)

The worst thing? Sleepiness!!! Also, the stage of feeling your body change but no baby-bump. Come on, already!

Cravings? Fruit. We have watermelon, pineapple, apples, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit, and juice! Yogurt is quickly becoming a favorite too. 

Is there a baby bump? Still, no.

Boy or Girl? Find out in a month..

What do you miss? Hard-core workouts, and the occasional glass of wine. 

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  1. Such a cute idea and great picture of you! Love you!