Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well, we have almost hit the 16 week mark- hallelujah! Time is a-flyin (how many times will I say that between now and birth). Nothing baby-related has really occurred, other than the baby is finally moving out of my pelvis! Showing your tiny self, aye babe?
Well, not really showing as my "bump" is still non-existent, but should be any week now! I know I sound excited, but in reality I really am not (except for the fact that I will get to shop for maternity-yay, new clothes!). The biggest challenge for me is recognizing the fact that my body is changing, and in my mind, not for the better! Talk about feeling like a fatty mcfatterson. T-shirt and shorts/yoga pants are my frequent wardrobe choice, and I am sooo thankful for the fact that I can wear scrubs at work. Dressing up is becoming a challenge because I don't feel good in my pretty clothes anymore :( Yuck.

I am not even close to being this big...can't wait. haha. ha. 

However, nothing brightens a moody mood than a trip to the mall with Brent! He picked out a sweet dress from Express for me (pic next week), and on an earlier shopping trip I bought the cutest Maxi dress at Target, which will be just daaaaaarling with a baby bump. I can't wait to wear it "officially". I wore it around the house the first day I bought it just because I loved the way it felt.
Also, for those who are wondering what to buy women who just announced they are Pregnant...Victoria's Secret gift card. No joke. There is nothing worse than digging in the back of your "drawer" past all the pretty things and pulling out the "wait I still HAVE this???" items. Yikes. It was the semi-annual sale this week by the way...anyone hit it up? I didn't sadly, in fact I got my shopping in a week early. Crap.

Alright, let me talk about my rising uterus. It happens to show itself most frequently when I wake up from a good sleep and have a full bladder. I can feel the top portion (ahem..fundus) of it, and reminds me of a semi-squishy baseball. Brent has felt it too which is super fun! It sits on the left side of my tummy at this point and I truly hope the little guy starts evening himself out as he grows- I'd rather not have a lop-sided belly as that could be awkward and disturbing.
No movement yet! I am not really planning on feeling anything until about week 20 or so, perhaps later.
I've been obsessed with pregnancy/baby/mommy blogs. Here are two of my ultimate favorites! I started at the very beginning of each one and read until the currents posts. I have been an avid reader.

PROJECT: Babies. This one reminds me of my sister, Amanda. This mid-20's woman is a beautiful, ultra-fashionable, and adventurous new mom to an equally as fashionable and beautiful little girl. This girl (Kristin) is a product junkie and reviews so many neat baby and mother products- which I love! Amanda, you will be JUST like her, I know it.

Little Baby Garvin. This one is just cute. A young girl like me (you will notice I stole many of her ideas on her shame), with a new daughter. Again, a fashionista!

I have enjoyed reading birth stories as well, but often when they are emotionally gripping I will be bawling my little eyes out. I must admit, I love a good tear-jerker (only the happy ones).

I can't WAIT to show you all what I have bought so far for the little babe! Also...Fathers Day is around the corner- woohoo (bummer we both have to work...sigh)!

Ideas for the  nursery are in full swing, but have yet to come to fruition. Not until after July 9th! We must know what we are having first! That time will be here before we know it...and I'm trying to come up with a creative way to announce it to you all :)
This is a special time for us, and want to share the special wealth in fun ways to our dear family and friends who are not near to us!
Thank you especially to my family and Parent-in-laws with their sweet words of encouragement, excitement, and curiosity into how I'm feeling, that makes so much of a difference to my mood every day- truly!
Stay-tuned for after the weekend updates! I have so much to show you!!!!!!

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  1. Sure miss you! Looking forward to the next blog! Each one is so special. :)