Monday, June 25, 2012

16/17 weeks

I'm in-between weeks, so here's an in-between post!

It is 10:00pm at night. Brent and I are wide awake and are going grocery shopping as soon at the Arkansas Razorbacks baseball game is finished (he is a MOST dedicated fan). We are such night owls! The other day he told me we should make a pact to never work night-shift again whenever we move somewhere else. I wholeheartedly agree, as this sleep-all-day-after-work then be up-all-night cycle is for the birds.
A big piece of
Well, it's in two parts.
1) We sold the bed my sister and brother-in-law gave us when they moved! It had been occupying our guest bedroom (soon to be nursery) and we had no other choice but to sell it. Now that it is gone, nursery creation may commence!
2) We bought our first piece of nursery furniture! A glider! It was sold online at many different stores, but the cheapest we found it was at Walmart. Normally, I like to stay away from Walmart as I tend to think their stuff is not the best quality...but we could not pass up this deal, and it had great reviews!
Why is the picture fuzzy? Hm. 

The chair will come next week. I can't wait to sit in it, but we will probably keep it in the box until we are ready to set it up. 

Brent cleared out the room of old boxes and random storage stuff, so we took a trip to Lowes and picked out paint swatches for one of the walls! In order to fit with the theme of the nursery, we were looking for a turquoise type blue, and these were the two we came up with  (the middle colors of each swatch). 

This picture makes the colors seem a bit darker than they really are. The one we most liked is "Exotic Sea", which is the top middle one. But no, our theme is not aquatic ;) 
Today we checked our mailbox at the end of the street and came back with a fun little box from baby Turpin's Aunt Carolanne (my sister-in-law)!!! Brent was thrilled with the Razorback baby gear- isn't that onesie super cute? The books are absolutely beautiful, she said they were her favorite as a kid- and I can understand why! They will be a treasured part of the library! Thank you, Carolanne!
I think that I am most excited about beginning Baby T's wardrobe. Seriously, in two weeks I will have the freedom to choose gender-specific clothing, and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! It's like dress-up, but for real. We already have a few neutral clothing items, like booties and a few 6-month onesies...but I did manage to pick up a freakin-adorable footie play/sleeper that is awfully girly. They only had it preemie size at Babies-R-Us, so I picked it up online. If we don't have a girl, then I will have to give it away! 

Well, that is all so far. We have a Doctors appointment this Thursday, so I plan on doing the 17-week update then! However, we will also be celebrating Brent's birthday (one day early), so we shall see if I can get around to it. 
Until then, adios!

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